Capture Exercises 2

As I have mentioned in the lesson about taking free pieces almost all chess games are won by first obtaining a material advantage.


I have added some capture exercises to this site. They are intended for the beginning chess player, but it is assumed that this chess player knows how the pieces move and also knows about the value of these pieces.
The exercises can be seen as a follow-up on this last one and the lesson about taking free pieces.


2 Responses to “Capture exercises”

  1. There’s a flaw with #12… but thanks for the exercises I appreciate them.

  2. @mike
    I think it’s not a flaw, but the exercise is more difficult than the other exercises in this series.
    In #12 you may think that you can play Bxg6, but after … Rc6 the position is about equal.
    Do you still think it’s a flaw?

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