How not to play the … ?

During the previous lessons we have created some opening reports as well as an opening analysis of the Lolli attack. We have done this while learning how to use a chess database in general and ChessDB in particular. But by creating this opening analysis we are looking for the good games, in fact almost always ignoring the bad games. And these games contain a lot of chess lessons to be learned, especially when these are you own games. But even when you know the right moves it has to be interesting to know why. In other words to know why the other moves are bad.

For example when we look at the opening report of the Lolli attack we notice that Black succeeded in winning eight of the games and by now we now that White must have done something wrong during these games.

The exercise of this lesson is to figure out why White lost the game for each of these eight games.

As an example I have added some annotations to one of these games (the game Jacko, Tomas – Smistik, Milan) leaving you with seven games to annotate by yourself.




Next chess lesson is about Luring.

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